The more I interact with people who have faith, the more I realize what it is to be steadfast. The presence of faith is much larger and more expansive than I can ever imagine. I said thank you to a meal that my friend brought over for us. She said, add us in your duas. … Continue reading Wondering

Prejudices: check and, mate

Movie: Turup, by Ektara Collective. Turup is checkmate, and a story that revolves around the game. Men and boys play it at the local chowk, town centre, painted chessboard under the tree. Women play at home, teach others the game, and often it is all done unseen. For as the two little girls say, we do … Continue reading Prejudices: check and, mate

And the days

Watching tales of heroic past. Living in the fearful present. King Arthur and knights of the round table. A virus that is spreading far and wide. They saw and fought the enemy with bows and arrows. We cannot see, do not know how to fight. Knights who had to earn their freedom. We who are … Continue reading And the days