Dal, chawal, and textbooks

Me and little kiddo are hard at lunch. Everything with little kiddos looks like hard work, rice strewn all around, strips of chard munched on, multiple refills of the water glass. And pickles on the side for me, kiddo has been told that the pickle is no good! We are trying to drown our plates … Continue reading Dal, chawal, and textbooks


Detective story for the young ones

Book: Captain Coconut and the case of the missing bananas, Anushka Ravishankar, Priya Sundram Everyone is gone to bed, and the house breathes with the soft sounds of sleep. I am sitting at the stairs and trying to noiselessly turn the pages of a children's book. I am hoping that the book stays undiscovered until we gift … Continue reading Detective story for the young ones

Mind games

Things that send the mind into a tizzy Arguments  Uncertainty of future  Too many options  Focusing on people's intentions Things to settle the mind Sharp focus on the most important people in my life Walking in nature, especially on challenging terrain Read a paper book Talk to people