Phonics and book reports

Book: Words, Christoph Niemann There are sight words that kids learn in English. This book offers interesting art to go with each word. Words like to/and/go could be hard to illustrate, but this book does it. Interestingly, the preschooler thought the book cover was to be read upside down as he thought the kids were … Continue reading Phonics and book reports

Let’s throw away the stones

Sometimes social media hits us with bits and pieces of news. These are not blogs I follow, but rather what suggested or promoted posts show me. These are feel good news, the kind that make me click and read. One on my personal social feed, went on like this: Here in Arizona, is one of … Continue reading Let’s throw away the stones

peek into the past, and how

Considering that history is messed up, and history books are written by the winners, how do we 'read' history? One thought is to focus on the current life (society, social problems, demographics, socioeconomic situation, culture), and then take a lightweight approach to reading the historical background that led to current situations.

And the days

Watching tales of heroic past. Living in the fearful present. King Arthur and knights of the round table. A virus that is spreading far and wide. They saw and fought the enemy with bows and arrows. We cannot see, do not know how to fight. Knights who had to earn their freedom. We who are … Continue reading And the days