Why write? 

When I work in software engineering, it is often abstract work, with no immediate connection of my work outcome to the world around me.  Writing will help me have an ongoing interest, that creates that connection and awareness. To the larger human issues. I would like to focus on the non-mainstream, the smaller voices that … Continue reading Why write? 

Blue Glitter band update

Blue glitter band returns with more hit music. The second single from their album, "Unnamed" was released in January 2018 and broke records in a number of countries, by debuting in the top position of the charts. Here is the lyrics for their Friendship song: Friendship  Friendship is true If someone is new, be kind … Continue reading Blue Glitter band update

Mind games

Things that send the mind into a tizzy Arguments  Uncertainty of future  Too many options  Focusing on people's intentions Things to settle the mind Sharp focus on the most important people in my life Walking in nature, especially on challenging terrain Read a paper book Talk to people