Tamil pride eh?

Part 4 - Tamil Nadu Coimbatore, my first favourite Tamil town. After the pervasive chauvinism of Kerala, it was a surprise and relief to be in public spaces where there is hardly any overt harassment of women. I travelled by buses for my college daily, and never was I harrased. Of course the buses are … Continue reading Tamil pride eh?

A Tamil Muslim household

Part 3 - Tamil Nadu Ingredients for the nonbu kanji. Scraped coconut. Pounded ginger and garlic. Onions, chillies, fenugreek, coriander, and mint. I am not sure what role chillies play in a kanji, but all this was prepared by the women of the book, and sent along with the rice and firewood to the mosque to … Continue reading A Tamil Muslim household

Her choice 

Part 2 - Tamil Nadu I read somewhere the victorian author Mary Elizabeth Braddon saying, women are frustrated and destructive because they are confined to passive domestic lives. The woman of the book have minimal  agency over their lives. They are captors of their families, community, and customs. Mothers warn little girls of wanton behaviour, lest they … Continue reading Her choice