Simple trips and unexpected joys

Church Bay, Crosshaven, Cork

It was a usual weekend day. Going about swimming, walking, window shopping. 

And then we had the brainwave to go to a beach. The great thing about living west of Ireland is that a beach is never far away.

We turned our sights on Roberts Cove, but made a wrong turn and missed the route. Crosshaven then? My husband’s dive team frequented Crosshaven and he had been at the yacht club there, where they take the boat to be repaired. But he has tried thrice to find the beach for ourselves, and has never seen it. There is the marina, and there are all the sailing boats in the water.

A turn took us to a road called the Scenic Road! We could make out the blue of the ocean between the houses. Many paths that could lead to the water, but they were all from within private property.

We saw a small observation point with benches around, at one point and decided to take a look. There were youngesters hanging around the place and an elderly couple had just arrived to sit down on the bench. The lady had a beautiful blue embroidered silk scarf around her.

We stood there exhausted after the day’s exertion. There were people coming up the steep walk. I could look down with dizziness at the stones near the water. I was sure we were not attempting anything with a toddler.

We went off though. There was grass and stones on the tiny path made by walking. It was actually alright to walk if you concentrate on the walking and not at the plunging depths.

At the bottom of the cliff, we met a woman walking her dogs. Kid had a great time being brave and interacting with the dogs, and relaying stories of how she had a cat herself, that she shared with her friend. We collectively sighed at the beautiful Irish sunshine and hoped the winter was done with.

There is a church and graveyard that we could make out high up on the faraway hill. Kid hoped that it would not all tumble down, as the church was really old.

We resumed walking and it was muddy as the woman had said. We walked out to a stony beach and a dog running excitedly around.

Foamy water, colourful stones, tiny seashells. Thankfully a windless afternoon. 

The place is called Church Bay according to the information board there. The water front actually opens up from private homes, so the people there were gracious enough to not mind us traipsing in their grass. 

We climbed uphill and stood gazing at the blue, blue water. And wanted to take photographs, but realised that our phones had no charge left. I suppose the kids enjoyed the walk nonetheless. 


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