Walk to the heart’s content 

​Fitzgerald Park and UCC grounds, Cork

The Fitzgerald Park is another popular haunt of those with kids around here. There is a large playground with small climbing walls, slides, swings, etc. And the sand and wooden pellets for young kids to get some sensory play.

My toddler went under a sliding area, and found a bit bigger boy playing with the pellets. He was fascinated until the other kid started flinging the pellets around like a digger, he was quite reckless in throwing it all about, with a strange look on his face. My kid scooted out of the area fast after witnessing this, but usually happenings at the park are very sedate. I mean as sedate as you can assume kids in the park to be.

A slight bother with this park is that you don’t have a 360 degree view of kids. Difficult if the children are very small or there are multiple kids and one adult to supervise. But apart from the travails of helicopter parenting, there is much fun to be had.

One half of our family went off to have the milk-saturated ice creams from the van parked outside the gates. I used to scoff at the ice cream, but I have found that it is one way (not the ideal, but) to stay hydrated.

Then the larger park is great for exploring too. There are usually ducks in the ponds. Lots of grass to run around. Sculptures to look at. There is an oxidised metal sculpture which the kids were trying to figure out what it was. Dogs? Men? There is another sculpture titled Girl Danger, it is a cool one to get the little girl in your life photographed at. 

At the entrance is a stage where sometimes they hold child friendly shows. We have seen puppet shows and music concerts and environmental/earth day celebrations held there.

Ahem, since it was a summer-ish day, there were people in various states and fashions of summer clothing. My kid turned it into a spot-the-naked-man walk. To be clear, they were not naked, just shirtless.

There is the Cork Public Museum located inside ìt, but we usually go there on Sundays and it’s closed that day. 

Just outside the park is a walk that we took at first, leading to I am not sure where. Possibly the UCC. We walked on a bit, there is a skating rink for the bigger people and a cycling track. We cross over a bridge over the river Lee, and could spot many students spread about on the grass, taking advantage of the rare sun and doing their studies outdoors. We turned back when we realised that this was not the way to the Fitzgerald Park.

Once we were done with the park though, we did go inside the University College Cork grounds. It is all beautiful and massive old trees and antique wooden doors. 

On entering one can see the Lewis Glucksman Gallery to the left. And further on a bookshop, a library, some of the departments, etc.

More students studying on the grounds. We saw a few more families walking about, and there is a UCC walking tour for those interested. You can head out of the campus from there, and walk down to find restaurants. 


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