Morning walk ruminations 

{Spoiler alert: new age-y motivation statements ahead.}

We went on a walk this morning. It was excellent, with the highlight that the baby ended napping in the buggy. There is a stream gurgling next to our walk on the one side. The other side is a road with speeding cars, trucks, trailers, and sometimes horseback riders taking a jaunt. Well, those don’t really make the walk peaceful, but if a kid can sleep in these conditions, they might possibly sleep anywhere right?

Morning walks are lovely in that you dont get hot like walking in the evenings. The air smells cool. 

Family is on my mind now, I am probably going to meet some of them soon. With the love of family, comes the tribulations of relationships. Often holidays end up as a harried affair. 

I was thinking of the elderly in my life. On the walk here,  I saw an elderly person going about his brisk morning walk, he said a cheerful good morning to me. I often see older women on walks, carrying groceries or saplings to plant in their hands. I saw two women in sports clothing walking their huge dog. What I see is a sense of purpose in their walk. 

Purpose. Motivation. Peace.

These are things we need. Whether it is in the daily living or in navigating relationships, we need to be mindful of what we are doing. 

Purpose for today, this month, this year. This purpose ought to come from within, too much dependence on others does not make us happy. 

And then the motivation to go through our hours on earth to achieve this purpose. Sure there are the bad days, the tiring work, the trying complications of human lives. But motivation will help us surmount those times. 

And then peace. To reconcile with whatever has happened. To not dwell on the past. The peace to remain calm when others behave in unexpected ways. 

So then, whether we are 8 or 80, these three words should be enough. 


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