Walk around, little ones

Book: My Friends, Taro Gomi

Little girl in a pink frock with brown pockets. This is a tiny board book where the child is walking around, exploring her surroundings. There is a plethora of animals that help her learn many action verbs. Like walking with a cat, climbing with a monkey, napping with a crocodile.

The protagonist is drawn with brown/orange skin, if you are looking out for such details. There is a page full of diverse characters, many of them dark-haired.

I had got the book for my niece who doesn’t sit in one place too long, last monsoon. And this year’s monsoon my own toddler has found it lying about in their grandmother’s room. 

The illustrations are adorable and a delight to look at. My niece seemed to have torn at its cover, but the book is strudy enough to have withstood other two active toddlers having a go at reading it.

Tari Gomi is a Japanese children’s book author and illustrator. His art is simple enough for the children to grasp, but there are subtle details that we notice later on. At one point the child follows a marching rooster, and she is chewing on a flower. We explore the earth with an ant and can see tiny details like root vegetables, seeds and then bones of something buried in the earth. 

A lively little book to read when the rain won’t let up, and the children are restless and want to run outdoors. 


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