Why does she smile so?

We know her, Monalisa. She is famous. For her cryptic smile. Why does she smile so? It was an afternoon at the office. I was at work, a new recruit. Fresh out of college. The first month. New job, new possibilities. Just like the ad, naya ghar, nayee gaadi, nayee biwi. None of those, but … Continue reading Why does she smile so?

On a winter’s night

Smell the air. Go out and try it. Or early in the morning when the sun is not fully come in yet. This is only in winter. There is probably some natural chemistry behind this (or someone burning wood somewhere), but the fragrance of the air cannot be beat by random chemical perfumes. For me, … Continue reading On a winter’s night


So the elementary school kid's PE teacher told the class (ages 8 and 9) about his PE teacher. So his PE teacher, if the kids did not get ready in 4 minutes, would come into the locker room and disregard what and how the kids were dressed (or not), and come close to their faces … Continue reading Why?