Kuppaayam tales

I am writing this here, but fear not, I have no aspirations to become a romance writer. I wanted to chime in because we have been enjoying this Malayalam song quite a lot, especially the kids.

It was a school day and the non-school going kid and me were drinking tea and listening to this song. The opening shots of the song feature kattan chaaya being poured into a glass glass.* A lovely image. Probably in a tea shop. Then we hear a little girl saying,

My career, my ambition, those are important to me. I can’t waste my time by getting into love affairs.

The little boy seems devastated on hearing this. He is supported and consoled by his friend. While I do hate (a strong word, I know, maybe let us say, despise?) showing small kids in love, I am not focusing on that now.

They all grow up and the ambitious girl seems to be getting married to someone else. And our grown up boy is sad and mad.

Looks like later on, this guy has the good fortune to fall in love with a successful career woman who probably has her own business (I have not seen the movie, but I read Wikipedia for these sort of things). She reciprocates his love for reasons that are drowned out in the foreground music score.

Also note that the ‘successful’ woman is the friend of the other woman (that girl with ambition) whom the guy was in love with in childhood. Maybe they were MBA classmates, who knows? All the girls seem to be ambitious and successful.

At this point in the story, we will write about how to be a successful woman in these uncertain times, according to this movie. So, as small girls let’s start by focusing on career and ambitions. No time for love yet. Then once grown up and established in various aspects of life, fall in love and go ahead with living the family life. Sounds very win-win to me. I won’t go into details of the guy’s character that is projected to be a not-so-good-for-much type. Let’s not think about that as it’s all just a drama.

Kuppaayam is the Malayalam word for blouse, more popularly of the fashion worn by my grandmas’ generation. They used to have this line of gold ornament on the front of the kuppaayam, there would be small elaborate designs on the portions where the buttons were supposed to be. A totally fashionable way of wearing one’s blouse.

* Edited to correct. Sorry, that was not my beloved tea.

Whiskey, or brandy, or whatever else it is that the new generation Malayalee male fancies now. It was that. On ice. How did I miss the ice. There is no ice in kattan chaaya. Unless you are drinking something strange called the Arizona iced tea that comes in a can.

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