On a winter’s night

Smell the air. Go out and try it. Or early in the morning when the sun is not fully come in yet. This is only in winter. There is probably some natural chemistry behind this (or someone burning wood somewhere), but the fragrance of the air cannot be beat by random chemical perfumes. For me, this smell is second only the smell of earth after the first rains.

In India we can smell winter in the North, it would be the season of Diwali or the New Year parties. In the South, we have to wake up really early to smell this, as the sun starts shining and heating away the coldness as soon as it is up.

We saw some ladies carry big bags of persimmons from the Asian store. I first thought there was some Japanese festival due to the cartons of cooked white rice and a giant sake container they were selling. But the ladies were not Japanese. The internet says persimmon is used to make puddings and cookies during Christmas, but that is not really an important thing for many. So what could be the reason for those bags of persimmon? Maybe those two ladies randomly decided to make jam? Or they are secret gluttons for the pretty persimmon. Maybe they go to one of their houses, and sit out drinking copious quantities of herbal tea and sliced persimmons, while talking about their aunts who were from Eastern Europe.

I can’t write anymore as we have too many things going on to think about this weekend. It’s holiday season! And there is a chill in the air.

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