Life lessons from Kipper the Dog

Have you seen Kipper the Dog? Do you have very little kids who like to watch whatever you suggest? Are you a little kid at heart? Kipper the Dog is the one. I would take a risk and say, one of the best kids shows around. We first started watching Kipper the Dog about six years ago. Now it’s become like one of those warm, comforting meals that mothers make (though I am not one of such mothers, sadly.) A meal that you can eat at any time of the day, any day, and feel instantly comforted and nourished.

(We also got to know that kipper is also a kind of fish, the market in Cork used to have smoked kippers. They are supposed to be eaten in sandwiches.)

Kipper is like that, but for the little kid’s soul. Here are a few things we noticed watching Kipper for the past so many years:

    Friends are the most important for any little kid. Kipper and other characters live by themselves in various homes. But they all visit each other, go out to play, have picnics, and even knock on each other’s doors in the middle of the night.
    Sometimes family is featured, like Arnold is a little cousin of Pig’s. And Mouse has twin cousins. But friends take care of your family, and sometimes friends are family.
    The underdog is often unappreciated, but is also frequently the smartest one. And show some love to the underdog.
    If a friend is afraid of something, rally around and help him out. If someone has never won at something, give away the prize to her.
    Eat cake if you like. Cereal and milk and soup and sandwiches and oranges and ice-lollies and peanut butter and lemonade and raspberry milkshake and and some more chocolate cake. Being a kid is a fun time.
    Brush your teeth, but first check to see if your friends have rubbed in soap on the toothbrush.
    A few possessions is the best, sparse living should free us of unnecessary drama. But we all should also have one cupboard filled with things and junk that we simply can’t part with.
    A simple life is the best life. Starting from author Mick Inkpen’s fantastic but simple illustrations to the life that’s portrayed in the stories, life is simple. A day is good if it’s filled with going to the park, visiting one’s friends, eating a picnic, and sleeping in one’s doggie bed. We don’t really need more than this to be happy.
    The ordinary life holds magic, and it’s never too hard to find. Often we find it right outside the doorstep. They fly on magic carpets and spacecrafts and also hang onto windmills and chase imaginary dinosaurs. But when faced with magical moments, Kipper and friends treat it the same as any other regular moment in the day, in a nonplussed manner.
    Unless you are Tiger. If you are Tiger, then an arrival of a do-it-yourself rocket holds much excitement. But then it turns out to be a dud, which later turns out not to be a dud. Moral: be nonplussed and cheerful always, regardless of what life throws at you.
    Kipper is a hard to describe character. He is often too good to be true, but that doesn’t stop him from competing in a run or getting back at the trickster or staging pretend magic shows.

If you don’t know, here is the cast:

Kipper: the main dog, friendly, empathetic, adventurous, humorous.

Tiger: sort of best friend, adventurous, also a bit of grey-ish character.

Pig: another friend, bakes chocolate cake.

Arnold: Pig’s small cousin; pretty cool for a baby pig.

Jake: the underdog, but part of the friends’ circle.

Mouse and her cousins. Some aliens. A magical frog. A vagrant gosling. Pet kittens and birds.

This post is also kind of dedicated to two real doggie friends who lived in our lives for a few brief years. Many tears were shed when they were no longer with us.

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