Satisfaction, just like the fan

If you lived in a tropical country, when it is just the beginning of summer. The heat is only starting, and when you are getting to sleep, the fan drawls languidly. Not fast or slow, just enough. You have your rajaaee (blanket), but you don’t need it yet. You might start to get small goosebumps, but it is not very cold.

You are content to lie there, not too sleepy, but you don’t have to get up to finish anything that is pending. Tomorrow would be a busy day, but it won’t kill you. Tomorrow it will be just enough busy.

You don’t want to get up and finish the book report or drink a cup of cocoa to feel good. Because you are well and drank a few sips of warm water. So you lie there.

The kid is also very sleepy, so they don’t bother you much before the eventual falling asleep. There is no need to set the thermostat as the weather is just right, not perfect, but not worrisome either.

Life is best like this. Bits of contentment. Not lots. Not so much that you laze around like on holidays, losing your mind. Not so happily dizzy that it becomes very very busy. Just enough of rest and enough of work. No wanting to get up and do one more thing, and lose precious sleep.

This is a strange place, so this was hail in our desert, one fine day. And thunderstorm. Right now it is a few weeks later, our world has turned.

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