A story of displacement

Book: The Unexpected Friend, A Rohingya Children’s Story, Raya Rahman, Inshra Sakhawat Russell Displacement. I am not able to focus on this word now, I am too busy, the story seems known, read about, many times over. True, I am far away from the land I was born, but the land I am in right … Continue reading A story of displacement

Life lessons from Kipper the Dog

Have you seen Kipper the Dog? Do you have very little kids who like to watch whatever you suggest? Are you a little kid at heart? Kipper the Dog is the one. I would take a risk and say, one of the best kids shows around. We first started watching Kipper the Dog about six … Continue reading Life lessons from Kipper the Dog


So the elementary school kid's PE teacher told the class (ages 8 and 9) about his PE teacher. So his PE teacher, if the kids did not get ready in 4 minutes, would come into the locker room and disregard what and how the kids were dressed (or not), and come close to their faces … Continue reading Why?