Adventures of the regular kind

Book: Bink & Gollie, Kate DiCamillo, Allison McGhee, Tony Fucile. Bink is tiny.. Gollie is tall.. Gollie is my kind of girl, she is in a world of her own and makes sudden proclamations out of the blue. Bink seems to survive on peanut butter sandwiches. She is irreverent.  They have a walkie talkie to talk to … Continue reading Adventures of the regular kind


Detective story for the young ones

Book: Captain Coconut and the case of the missing bananas, Anushka Ravishankar, Priya Sundram Everyone is gone to bed, and the house breathes with the soft sounds of sleep. I am sitting at the stairs and trying to noiselessly turn the pages of a children's book. I am hoping that the book stays undiscovered until we gift … Continue reading Detective story for the young ones