I suppose now I realise that I can never have a 'one' home. The one single house of forever memories. We are leaving Cork and Ireland, for now. And I am strangely sad and detached, in equal measure. Perhaps the unexpected detachment comes from all the responsibilities that tug at me from different directions, showing … Continue reading Leavings


Morning walk ruminations 

{Spoiler alert: new age-y motivation statements ahead.} We went on a walk this morning. It was excellent, with the highlight that the baby ended napping in the buggy. There is a stream gurgling next to our walk on the one side. The other side is a road with speeding cars, trucks, trailers, and sometimes horseback … Continue reading Morning walk ruminations 

Mind games

Things that send the mind into a tizzy Arguments  Uncertainty of future  Too many options  Focusing on people's intentions Things to settle the mind Sharp focus on the most important people in my life Walking in nature, especially on challenging terrain Read a paper book Talk to people