A new-to-me backwater 

Poovar, Kerala We had gone to a few places before we succumbed to the 'too much travelling with too little kids' syndrome in the vacation.  The first and a surprising spot was Poovar which was literally in our backyard. A short ride beside some dense greenery, a massive road works by some conglomerate, and typical … Continue reading A new-to-me backwater 


Vignettes from home

In Kerala Plants and trees. Banana, coconut, jack fruit, pepper vines climbing on those, sapota or chickoo, guava. Unrelieved green. Steady rain that turns the view slightly fuzzy. A cuckoo in the background. The usual crows. Pale yellow and multicoloured butterflies. The monsoon which hopefully won't end any soon. But then running up and down … Continue reading Vignettes from home