The praying women

I was seeing photos of Ramadan around the world. One was where a big crowd of women in an East Asian country were all standing up for prayer. Another of a couple of women and kids in their home, praying inside a room. And then I recalled our mothers praying, sisters praying. Inside homes. A … Continue reading The praying women


Woman. Womb. Motherhood, or not..

From a textual idea about miscarriage and abortion, to knowing of actual experiences of whom I know, in the past few years has shaken me in a sense. From being neutral on the topic, and then judgemental. Why won't she take care and see through the pregnancy? Then knowing, that there are instances when a … Continue reading Woman. Womb. Motherhood, or not..

Her choice 

Part 2 - Tamil Nadu I read somewhere the victorian author Mary Elizabeth Braddon saying, women are frustrated and destructive because they are confined to passive domestic lives. The woman of the book have minimal  agency over their lives. They are captors of their families, community, and customs. Mothers warn little girls of wanton behaviour, lest they … Continue reading Her choice