Why does she smile so?

We know her, Monalisa. She is famous. For her cryptic smile. Why does she smile so? It was an afternoon at the office. I was at work, a new recruit. Fresh out of college. The first month. New job, new possibilities. Just like the ad, naya ghar, nayee gaadi, nayee biwi. None of those, but … Continue reading Why does she smile so?

Kuppaayam tales

I am writing this here, but fear not, I have no aspirations to become a romance writer. I wanted to chime in because we have been enjoying this Malayalam song quite a lot, especially the kids. It was a school day and the non-school going kid and me were drinking tea and listening to this … Continue reading Kuppaayam tales

Her choice 

Part 2 - Tamil Nadu I read somewhere the victorian author Mary Elizabeth Braddon saying, women are frustrated and destructive because they are confined to passive domestic lives. The woman of the book have minimal  agency over their lives. They are captors of their families, community, and customs. Mothers warn little girls of wanton behaviour, lest they … Continue reading Her choice