Architecture in sand

Napier Museum, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Throwback to our last summer holiday..  We are in desperate need of summer here, or at least a bit of spring. Two months ago someone spotted daffodils, and we were rejoicing about the soon to come summer (or spring). And the most ironic change in weather followed where we got a … Continue reading Architecture in sand


A supermarket story

London dry gin. One big tomato. And it was a really big tomato, we usually buy cherry tomatoes or just plain normal sized tomato. I was standing with my trolly just ahead of him, the younger kid seated on it, and elder one trying to pull at my coat tail. So what was the man … Continue reading A supermarket story

Her choice 

Part 2 - Tamil Nadu I read somewhere the victorian author Mary Elizabeth Braddon saying, women are frustrated and destructive because they are confined to passive domestic lives. The woman of the book have minimal  agency over their lives. They are captors of their families, community, and customs. Mothers warn little girls of wanton behaviour, lest they … Continue reading Her choice