Reading the States

(Page from: Oluguti Toluguti)

When we read the common books, we read a singular narrative, within a narrow space. In many cases the books in English that we read are set in a far off time, and in a farther off place. Both of which may not be much relevant to what I experience now, and probably influence my thought process in a very limited way.

I am on a hopeful quest to read books from different places in India. This also in a way, ties in with my Growing up Girl series.

  1. TelanganaFather May Be an Elephant and Mother Only a Small Basket, But… by Gogu Shyamala
  2. Assam. No Ghosts in this City by Uddipana Goswami
  3. Tamil NaduThe Hour Past Midnight, by Salma, translated by Lakshmi Holmstrom