Woman. Womb. Motherhood, or not..

From a textual idea about miscarriage and abortion, to knowing of actual experiences of whom I know, in the past few years has shaken me in a sense. From being neutral on the topic, and then judgemental. Why won't she take care and see through the pregnancy? Then knowing, that there are instances when a … Continue reading Woman. Womb. Motherhood, or not..

Fading away in the harshness 

Book: No ghosts in this city by Uddipana Goswami  Part 5 - Assam One feature of a cosmopolitan place is that the culture gets jumbled. At least, as children, there is freedom and much joy in friendship with the others. An Axamiya child goes in and out many houses, savoring the duck eggs and buffalo … Continue reading Fading away in the harshness