Tea Stories 

A warm cup of tea. Or in this case, kattan chaaya

Tea is a daily obsession with some of us, we celebrate the happy times with it and drown our misery in it. There are a million ways to brew it, but at the heart of this preoccupation is the warmth we seek desperately in our uncertain lives. 

I am writing small stories for Kaitley. It is an organization in North India, Lucknow, that starts tea-stalls and employs individuals with mental health issues.

Kaitley provides the people training on how to run the tea shop independently, as well as liase with psychiatrists to help out on their health front. I found it to be a great idea.

Here is an article about how they work. 

These stories set me on the path to writing for pleasure. It is also fun as I now have excuses to drink a lot more tea! 

1. For the love of chai

– on the place of tea in my own life

2. Domestic tea

– on mental health issues and tea as a restorative 

3. A tale of two teas

– on encountering tea in the Kashmir valley, their people 

4. Outposts of tea

– in response to the concept that tea is a vestige of colonial history, in Ireland and in India

5. Latay for the lady (in two parts)

– and then, what will you do if one day, you could not have the ‘tea’ anymore?

6. Irani chai with a friend

– a delightful encounter with a friend in the Old City

7. Ceylon tea

– in the days bygone, a tea with an old trader from Ceylon 

Kattan chaya, Black tea, Malayalam

Kaitley, Kettle, Hindi/Urdu